At the end of 2021, we have already taken a major step in reducing our CO2 emissions by completely renovating our business premises, shutting it off completely from gas and heating it with heat pumps. We generate the required power (and even more than that) with the installed 268 solar panels on our own roof. This makes our business premises more than CO2-neutral!

In 2022 we will take an important next step in our CO2 reduction. Since Q2 of this year, we have been shipping all our sea freight containers 100% CO2 neutral! As an importer, we cannot avoid transporting our goods by sea freight from the Far East. But since this year we do have the option to completely reduce these emissions and so we are taking advantage of that! In collaboration with DHL Go Green, we can achieve this CO2 reduction in our own sea freight chain. We do this by 'insetting': the actual reduction of emissions in our own chain by using sustainable bio-fuels. We also compensate the first and last part of the chain (truck transport factory to port, and port to our warehouse) through 'offsetting': compensation through CO2 reduction projects. In this way we can transport the entire incoming goods flow from the Far East in a CO2 neutral way. A very important step in achieving our CO2 reduction target!